The Circle Is Unbroken

                                    Around the World in 4,748 Days.  Woo-Hoo!!
This post is written by Gene because he got tired of waiting for me to post:

After a slow slog from Huatulco to Acapulco, 250 nautical miles in just over three days, Peregrine rested up for the last dash to close the loop in Zihuatanejo.  We spent two nights on a mooring just off the Acapulco yacht club, fueled up by dinghy and jerry jug from a nearby Pemex station (conveniently on the waterfront) and beered up from a nearby OXXO (sort of a Mexican version of 7/11).

With no wind, we motored out of Acapulco Bay and, voila, the next afternoon motored into Zihuatanejo Bay.  Gene counted down the exact moment we crossed our outbound path...1535 hours (that's 3:35P.M. to all of us not attuned to military timekeeping) on March 10, 2014.  We had done it !! We finished our circumnavigation!  We had left Z-Town on April 1, 2001 (stopped for a few days at Ixtapa Marina, right next door for fuel and supplies) to cross the pond to the Marquesas.  Now, 13 years later we were back.  We anchored in the same vicinity as we had back in 2001, and immediately got on the VHF radio to tell the world (or at least the world within a few miles radio range) what we had done. 
We both were really elated...not many sailors would put up with the stuff we did.
Just like she knew where she was going, Peregrine sails into Zihuatanejo.
The next morning on the cruisers' net we checked in, casually bragging about our arrival and accomplishment.  We got back "Cheers, Peregrine" from our Chiapas/Huatulco friends Dave and Sally on Hopalong and Roy and Winona on Saucy Lady.  We also got a "Congratulations, Peregrine" from Bob on Viva.  We had last seen Bob on his previous Viva in 2001 in Manzanillo, where he, Philo on Cherokee Sprit and Peregrine buddy boated from Banderas Bay.  That is the great thing about cruising...seeing old (and not so old) friends in new places.

Roy and Winona's daughter had come down, staying in a condo on shore.  They invited us to a dinner party at the condo a few days hence.  We gladly accepted, but had to beg a ride ashore with Dave and Sally because our outboard was being repaired, and it was too far to row a heavy inflatable to the beach landing in town.

We four hopped in a taxi and rode to the condo with a stop at the super market for some wine.  Strange, because Dave and Sally don't drink, but they bought two bottles of Champagne that Sally insisted must be of a certain kind.  As it turned out, the dinner party was not a regular one, but a special one in our honor.  Wow, what a surprise!  The certain kind of Champagne was for the bottle type...Sally used a sabre to open the bottles with a great whack from the sword, aiming the tops away from civilization off the balcony.  The bottle broke cleanly at the neck, right below the ridge defining the cork cool is that!  Thanks to Roy and Winona  and to Dave and Sally and to Winona's daugher for hosting the dinner and introducing us to arrachera.

Read Gene's letter to Latitude 38 telling of our completion:


  1. Good on ya Sue n Gene.
    But don't hurry back to the States. 2 yrs odd since we closed the cirle and we are getting itchy feet again.
    Dan n Yo, Jacana

    1. Ahoy, Jacana! Great to hear from you. I hope things are well in the Merry Ol Land of Oz. We are going to leave Peregrine here in Barra de Navidad and fly home. It will be a few years before we get her home, I think. You guys can always join that crowd that sails the Queensland coast for the season and then returns to the big city when the cyclones come. We met a few characters that did that.
      Sue and Gene

  2. That's the plan for 2015, after sailing to Tassie to test the 45 vineyards in the Tamar valley

    1. OMG, the Bounding Epicureans do wine country! I can imagine the feasts you will have when you have good stores and wine. Mmmmm. I will check your blog. I hope to return to Oz some day. It will be by the big silver bird next time though. I would love to bird WA. Hell, I'd love to retrace my steps and bird where I've already been; I know so much more now. Maybe I could even see a Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher! I missed it last time. I was hoping to catch it in several places, but we had to move on in a migration of our own.
      Best of everything to you guys.
      the Peregrinators (well, not so much anymore)


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