Life Aboard in Barra

Today I was awakened by a bird calling from what seemed to be our rigging.  It was a chirring followed by a few twittering notes that sounded like a tiny bell. It sounded familiar but I couldn't recall who it was.  I could smell that Gene had made a cup of coffee.  I got on my hands and knees and turned to go backwards out the raised V-berth, feeling with my toes for the step placed half-way from the berth to the floor.  I say, "Good morning" to Gene as I pass and go up the steps to the hatch. I slide the mosquito screen off as I pop my head out the hatch to scan for the bird. I realize it is not coming from our boat, but from the boat in the next slip.  I am in my thread bare night gown and there are people on the quay.  I go back down to throw on some clothes, knowing that the bird will leave before I finish fumbling around. As I pass Gene again he asks if I want him to put coffee water on for me. Yes, please, I say on my way out the hatch.  I can't see the bird from anywhere on the finger so I walk out to the dock and go to the other side of my neighbor's boat and follow the sound up the mast to their spreaders. There is a Tropical Kingbird chattering away.  That's why it sounded familiar. This has been a very common bird since sailing into the 'New World'.  The last bit of bell like twitter is what was familiar.  I can't recall hearing the sort of grating chirring before. Probably have.  As I am saying good morning to TK, I hear another bell sound.  This one I have no problem identifying.  Like Pavlov's subject, I head for the boat and my wallet. Back out on the dock, I peer down the channel, ready to wave down Belen, The French Baker's panga.
Emerik, the French Baker has a small ship's bell that he rings when he enters the marina.  Cruisers are well conditioned to respond.  When we first arrived in Barra and chatted with others, we were asked questions about our travels and what was most dangerous. We talked about the tsunami in Thailand and the pirates off Aden.  One of the cruisers said that the most dangerous thing in Mexio was the French Baker. She was right.
Today I take a Jalapeno baguette and a ham quiche tart. I take the tart because he doesn't have ham and cheese croissants today. The almond croissants are killer, but I am in the mood for something savory rather than sweet today.

Plain, Almond and Chocolate Croissants and Cinnamon Raisin Rolls
Dessert.  The Orange tart is wicked.
Emerik has a delightful personality and it would be a pleasure to start the day with a conversation even if it didn't come with a reward.
Back aboard Peregrine I brew my coffee and savor my savory.

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