Another Day In Paradise

March 1, 2014
Gene sampling the Mescals.
It's already March!  This morning, Gene and I decided Tuesday would be a good day to sail away from Hualtulco.  Not long after that, Jane aboard the trawler, Misty Michael, told us that today was the organic vegetable market in the public square in Santa Cruz.  The inhabitants of Misty Michael have been here for five years and are a great source of info.  Gene and I decided to check it out.  What a great morning.  It is so nice here.  I know I keep saying that, but it is true!  As we were sitting at an outdoor table in the shade of a ficus tree eating our tamales, Gene said, "Well, we could always sail back here after going to Zihuatenejo."  Gene NEVER goes backward.  Well, apparently, hardly ever.
There is a café in the middle of the square and I was really craving tamales.  They just happened to have them.  I got a chicken mole tamale and Gene got a chilorio tamale.  I will post about chilorio another time. I had a Jimaica and Gene had a Modelo Negro on tap. Yummy!  If I hadn't wanted a tamale so badly, I would have tried out this artist/chef's creations:
The meat in the flour tacos was fish.  Gene said it was ceviche. This guy's creations looked really beautiful and good, with the exception of the grasshoppers (but opinions are just that).
 Fried Grasshoppers are part of the local cuisine.  Gene tried some when we first arrived, but I admit to not being adventurous and gave them a pass.
We walked around the town a bit and went to the playa (beach).  We bought three heads of fancy lettuces, a bunch of basil, a jar of Chipotle Mermalade, and a pound of organic Tehuantepec coffee.
Steps to Juanitas's Café, a popular place to eat.
Below:  View of the square from Juanita's balcony.
One of the restaurants on the beach.
Really don't want to leave on Tuesday, but a cruiser's life is made up of tough decisions.


  1. OK. If you go back I'll sail down there with you. It looks like the place I have dreams about. Glad to see you two enjoying the warmth.

    1. Ven, Memo!
      I can't believe how time is flying. I really doubt we'll come back, but we will be in the PV area for an extended time. The cruisers coming south have told us of some good places. Plan to come down then. It is very dreamy here. I love it.

  2. The food looks awesome. Glad you guys are having fun, love you.

    1. The food is awesome. Going to put more food photos up pretty soon. Love You Too.

  3. So when are you going to tell us about completing your circumnavigation? With Peregrine, it makes three boats that we have seen complete a circumnavigation in Z-town.

    1. Hi Dave,
      Sorry it has taken me so long to publish your comment. We have not been anywhere where we had good enough wifi to blog. We are now in the marina at Barra Navidad and after a few days rest, I plan to write about completing the great circle. Thank you and Sally again for the sabre champagne opening ceremony and toast. I worry now that Gene is going to try and learn that trick. I hope not; if he had a hook instead of a hand he would do even less maintenance on P. We’re sending good thoughts to Sally this week.


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