Life is Slow and Warm in Hualtulco

February 22, 2014

I have been out birding nearly every day since arriving and am really enjoying being here. Life is slow and quiet. In the morning the air is warm and perfect and my walks are so nice. As the day progresses it gets a bit hot. I was out pretty late in the day yesterday and the blaring sun heated the resins in the herbaceous plants growing on the bluffs above the sea. The breezes that tried to keep me cool carried waves of wonderful scents. Mother Nature’s aromatherapy can't be beat and it's free.

I could see this place turning into a Black Hole. By that I mean a place that pulls you in and holds you far beyond the time you had intended to stay. We've hit a few Black Holes on this little trip around the world.  I could stay here for a few years if:
1. We weren't only 350 nm away from finishing the circumnavigation.
2. The wifi signal consistently reached the boat.
3. The showers had hot water and were in an enclosed building.

The draw of the place is such that I think I could even overlook those minor issues if I didn't really want to get home and be a live-ashore like normal people.
Partially out door, cold water showers.
We may have a carbon footprint the size of a one year old as far as our daily consumption of fuel, electricity and water are concerned, but like most people, we generate way too much trash. We use plastic grocery bags as our trash bags and it needs to be taken out daily.  Gene said he almost had a heart attack taking the trash up a few days ago. 
Behind the marina office and restaurants is the Deposito De Basura (trash deposit).  You take your trash and deposit it in the walled in area.  Gene stepped just inside and flushed a Black Vulture.  Both of them scared the crap out of each other.  I don't think I need to tell even non-birders that Black Vultures are not small birds.
There aren't coin operated machines at the marina (or in town as far as I know).  One must use a laundry service.  We had laundry, but the laundress hadn't shown up since we came back.  I needed a few things muy pronto so I got the washing maching aboard Peregrine set up.  First photo is of the wash & rinse cycles. Second photo is the agitator.

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