Adios, Luna, Thanks for all the Shrimp

February 28, 2014 
Luis and Andres
So, last night, Gene and I take the mosquito coil and matches and head up to Luna, one of two restaurants in the marina; and it was dark upstairs where the dining goes on. Some ladies were downstairs cleaning out the kitchen. I asked what was happening and they said the restaurant was out of business.  What?  We were just here on the 24th! We were really sorry to hear this.  I've been meaning to write about Luna for some time; hence the photos.  It was a restaurant we really enjoyed and it was three minutes walk from the boat.  The three guys who worked there were great. Ramon was the chef, Luis was the waiter and Andres was the bartender and music selector. A few times when we were there, Canadian expats came to patron the place because of these guys.  Apparently, they all used to work at a place nearby that is no longer in business and the customers liked them enough to follow them. A brief word about Canadian expats. There are a LOT of Canadians down here, eh. Most live half the year here and half the year at home. Probably more here than in the entire province of Manitoba. OK, that may be an exaggeration, Northwest Territories for sure. Well wouldn't you be in sunny, warm Hualtulco instead of 45 degrees below zero in Yellowknife? 
The vast majority of the time, Gene and I eat aboard Peregrine. We usually like what we cook better than what we can get out, but as I've mentioned, we've been lazy since we've been in Hualtulco.  It was so easy to go up and have dinner at Luna.  Ramon made a great surf and turf of beef filet and camarones mojo de ajo (garlic shrimp).  If he had asparagus he would make that for me.  The steak was always perfect. Unfortunately, we didn't go enough.  Well, to be honest, even if we'd gone everyday, I think Luna would have gone out of business anyway.  There just didn't seem to be enough people here to support a restaurant.  As we stood at the counter trying to find out from the ladies cleaning the place out what happened, the owner walked up.  We told him we were really sorry to see the place close.  He said he was too, but he had issues with Fonatur.   Fonatur is the National Fund for Tourism Development.  I will let you read about it yourself if you are interested.
The Luna.  Kitchen downstairs, dining up.
Ramon at work.
Just a few nights ago:
Melissa and David of Apsaras at the ends, Holly and Mike of Wanuskewin in the middle.
Both couples are headed south. Mike and Holly are gone already.  They were in the 2012 Baja Ha-Ha and  Melissa and David were in the 2013 Ha-Ha. For you non-sailors, the Baja Ha-Ha is a cruisers rally that has been going on for years.  It's organized by the sailing magazine, Latitude 38.  Gene and I were in the Ha-Ha 2000 where we took second in our class, thank-you very much! 
Here is a link to the last Ha-Ha:

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