A Departure Date From Hulatulco Is Set

The park across the street from the marina.

February 22, 2014

Last week the marina was nearly full because the week before that quite a few boasts had arrived. Most were going south and were waiting for a weather window to cross the Gulf of Tehuatepec. The window opened Monday and by Wednesday, the place seemed deserted. It reminded me that we should be on our way. I have said to Gene a few times that we needed to think about leaving. The response was that we had to get this or that done and that was as far as the conversation went. Neither one of us said, “OK, let’s do this today and that tomorrow.” Instead, I went for bird walks and played Fate on the computer. Gene played Texas Hold ‘Em on the computer and walked the docks meeting people and gleaning bits of information about what others were doing. We both took walks to the grocery. Yesterday, I said, “Time is slipping away. We need to set a date.” Gene said the marina was prepaid to March 6th. I said, “OK, that’s the date.” He said, “ Or before depending on conditions.” So, we will leave the week of March 1st sometime. We really don’t have all that much to do, it’s just easy here and we are too comfortable to leave. Neither one us care for overnighters, but Gene really dislikes them. Yes, we have crossed 3 oceans and about 5 seas, but that’s different. You get in a rhythm when you live like that for long stretches and you don’t have traffic. Sailing close to shore and making short passages is more tiring and stressful for me. I think the biggest reason Gene is happy to veg out here is avoiding the overnighters.

When we leave, we have about a four day non-stop trip to Zihuatenejo. Gene thinks that we should stop in Alcapulco for fuel and that would mean only a two day trip (if all goes well). We could get sleep and fuel and then another two day trip to Z-town and the completion of the circumnavitgation. I really don’t want to stop in Alcapulco, but if we don’t fuel up there, we will be completely out of fuel when we get to Z-town. There is a dock in Alcapulco and fueling would be easy. In Z-town, we would have to jerry jug the fuel, and that is a pain when you have to fill the whole tank. So, I have to agree with Gene; a stop in Alcapulco is necessary.

Magpie Jays taking a bath in a fountain.

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