Farewell to My Father and Constant Reader

November 2, 2013
Hi All,
The hurricane season is over and Gene and I will fly out this Tuesday (November 5) to return to Chiapas, Mexico, and Peregrine.  We have been in Southern California since May and it has not been an easy or joyous visit.  Not long after our arrival, my Dad was hospitalized and diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  He was released and we got an air machine and a blood pressure machine for him to use at home and we dispensed medicines and tried to keep him calm and cheered and fed.  Three weeks later, he was back in the hospital and this time was released to an extended care nursing and rehabilitation center (euphemism for nursing home).  He was extremely unhappy and uncomfortable there. It was a dismal place and I didn't blame him one bit for not wanting to be there. We brought him home again and this time we got the electric, adjustable hospital bed. We set him up in the den and went into full care mode. He did pretty well for about two months. At the end of September, he had chest pain and we called 911.  He went to the hospital and we found he suffered a heart attack and now had clots in the heart. He passed away while in the hospital on Sept. 29.  He was asleep and I was holding his hand when he died. I lost my biggest fan (not to mention our banker, spokesperson, and trouble-shooter of all manner of problems that arise when one does not live at home).  Gene and I will miss you very much, Dad.

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