It's hard to believe that August is almost over. January and the end of our stay in Panama is just around the corner.  Gene has been working like Cinderfella around here. Our engine wouldn't turn over and after a long search, Gene couldn't find what was wrong.  Our Canadian neighbor, Greg, aboard Dutch Dreamer, is a mechanic extraordinaire and he diagnosed the problem--a bad power wire to the ignition key. His wife Carol runs the mini-mart and they live with their two sons and three adopted feral kittens aboard a steel motor-sailer and they have just moved into the slip next to us.  They have been here about the same amount of time as us. Although they have had their cats for months, but they are still tiny and will probably be small forever due to their lack of a good start. Carol et al had to hand feed them when they first adopted them.
One of Dutch Dreamers crew got caught in the rain and took shelter on our plexiglass hatch which is protected by a cover.

Gene scrubbed the green slime off the bimini yesterday and polished the stainless today. He has been working on our new sole panel for some time and I think it's nearly done. It will replace the rotting one that gives way when we step on it.  He is also working on the hydraulics for the backstay. 

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