Memo's BBQ

The very lively Memo, assistant manager, and a British cruiser at a BBQ put on by Memo. To meet Memo is to love him.
It's nice to be back in Mexico.  Guillermo (Memo--sort of like Bill for William), the assistant manager put on a BBQ night before last and we all had a good time.  This wasn't the typical cruiser BBQ where everybody brings their meat and a side dish--Memo brought EVERYTHING, from plates to the meat and did the cooking--he even brought rum and cokes!.  We all did bring appetizers and side dishes, but they weren't needed. 
Men at work.
We were really tired when we arrived and it is nice to rest.  So nice, in fact, that we decided to stop here for the season.  We were on the fence about that for a few days.  This is the best time of the year to get across the Gulf of Tehuantepec, and part of us said, "Just do it. Get it over with.", but, we had reasons to put it off.  We were tired.  Our boat documentation needs to be updated.  We heard weird noises in the engine during the last 30 miles. We heard reports about the marina in Ixtapa being run down and having problems with the entrance silting.  The marina is very affordable and plane rides home are cheap. Enough rationalizing, the real reason for staying is that we are old and lazy.
To understand a little about crossing the Gulf of Tehuantepec, have a look at a few articles by other sailors:

We are only about 600 miles from finishing the circumnavigation, but we still wouldn't have made it all the way to San Diego this trip, so we decided that here would be the best place to sit out the hurricane season. Off the top of his head, Gene thinks there has only been one hurricane hit here in the last 30 years, and the way this marina is tucked away makes it a good hurricane hole. We will continue on next November and take out time going up the coast. 
I couldn't get a good enough signal to have internet on the boat, so the guy in the hat, Paddy, of Le Chat Beaute, loaned me an antennae.  I took my computer to his and the lovely Queenie's (lady in purple) catamaran and he got the antennae to interface with my computer and let me take it home.  The next day, he said he didn't use it anymore and I could have it.  I didn't feel right about that, so we agreed on a sale price of a bottle of rum. I am now writing this blog aboard Peregrine because of the antennae. Thanks Paddy!

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