Glyn Is Joining Us For the Transit

Feb. 3, 2013  
10 more days to transit unless things change (and they always do). I am really happy that my birding compadre and fellow sailor, Glyn, is joining us as our fourth line-handler.  We've got our 5 required bodies and things are moving along.  We will most likely be rafted to two other sailboats so we will only have to have line handlers on one side of Peregrine. The two local guys we've hired will do that and Glyn and I should be able to take it easy and be 'stewardesses'. I am so happy she's going, but it's not going to be easy having to say farewell.  She and Dave have decided to stay on at Shelter Bay awhile because Dave is once again working as hardstand manager. The American company Lyman Morse who recently bought the haul-out business here has decided they don't want to stay and the owership is going back to the marina. Glyn was really ready to leave here and as compensation for staying, she has told Dave, she is going to travel so she doesn't suffer from Shelter Bay fever.  I told her that if she is still here when we get home, she must come to CA and stay for a month. I will have to arrange space at my place! Not a problem, the living-room can become a suite in no time. I would love to show her the Redwoods, Dizzyland and a few other CA sights.

Our marina musician, Steve of Liward, and his wife Lili are going through the canal tomorrow. They hosted a party at the restaurant last night. Steve and our bass guitar playing dockmaster, Frank, played their last session together. It was a lot of fun. Fairwinds, Liward and enjoy Polynesia!

Chris, the manager of the restarant has got Pierre from Palm roasting a whole pig today for a Superbowl pulled-pork sandwich feast.

French-Canadian sailor, Pierre (red shirt) and Amigo, who used to be the Luckiest Dog in Mexico.  Pierre found him in Mexico and adopted him--I think he looked as bad as Panama Jack. Fellow cruiser, JB, helps turn the pig.
Cooper. He went from baby to big boy in what seems like overnight.
Frank: dockmaster, bassplayer and all around good guy.
Teddy; has van will drive. Group tours and airport tranportation.
The lovely Beatrice and Charlie. You can find them parked on our side of the Gatun gates nearly every day. Beatrice makes the best banana bread and home made drink that tastes like very gingery gingerale. I got addicted to her bread and curried chicken empanadas. I would always stop on my way to Escobal Road.

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