Hi All,
It's 11:13 here and we've been working all morning.  I did some more food prep, scrubbed the galley, got sheets out for all the berths, stowed all the electric things we have, vaccumed and washed the floors and got cold drinks and ice ordered for the cooler. Gene removed the air-conditioner we had rigged over the main salon hatch and washed down the decks.

Roy sent us an email that we have been rescheduled for the transit. Now we need to be in the flats at 7:30.  I'm bummed.  I really wanted to do the early transit.  I hope that the guy we were scheduled to go with has been rescheduled also because the transit arrangement sounded perfect to me.  We were to go through with a big boat named, Freydis.  The German sailor on board looks like a wizard and is known as Eric the Red. He has sailed so extensively that he has even gone to Antarctica. His boat has a huge engine and it was to be only the two of us. Usually, three boats raft together. Today, five boats were scheduled to go through and the other three boats were to go together.  My anxiety level went down big time when I heard the plans for transit.  Now....?  I hope only the time has been rearranged and not the raft-ups.
How cool is the name, Roy Bravo?
Roy is coming by soon and hopefully, he'll know if we are still going through with Eric the Red.
Eric the Red's boat, Freydis

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