Peregrine Measured and Approved for Canal Transit

Hi All,
We have hired agent Roy Bravo with Emmanuel Agencies to handle the canal transit. He will take care of most everything--from immigration and customs to tires (fenders) and line handlers.  We decided to hire two locals to handle lines because I am so stressed about going through. These guys will be quick and strong and focused on the job. I have been through the canal twice on others boats and Gene has been through five times, so we know what we're in for.  Unfortunately, both times I went, there was some drama and damage, so I am nervous about this.  I think some of my anxiety comes from being tied to a dock for three years. It's going to be strange to let go the lines and let Peregrine take to sea. We are still not sure of our route--we are going to let the weather and our feelings decide as we go.

The Canal inspector came today and measured Peregrine and approved us for transist, so I guess we really are going to leave what I have considered home for some time. I will miss Panama very much, she has been one of the best stops we've had.  Transit is usually scheduled for about ten days after approval.

My life of wandering at will in the magical jungle is coming to an end and I know I will mourn my loss.
the Peregrinators


  1. Hi Sue - Thanks for the update of your upcoming transit. Don't be sad about missing your birding because you are leaving Panama. Unless you choose the Clipper Route home, you will have many new areas to check as you return up the Pacific side of Central America and Mexico. Keep these blogs coming, PLEASE ! Luvya - Dad

  2. Hi Dad,
    I have been reading blogs and articles about the trip home from here, and the Clipper Route is not ruled out in my mind. We may have a better sense of what we want to do when we reach Golfito. I have been researching anchorages and birds I might encounter. Some stops sound great. I am also making a list of what pelagic birds I would be likely to see and I am looking forward to that aspect (unless we are pounding to weather or hard-over). Still, even if the birding is great on the trip home, the jungle will be astern and a phase of my life I have really enjoyed will be over. Part of being a voyager.
    Love You Too


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