Last Birding Walk In the San Lorenzo N.P.

The ruins of Fort San Lorenzo at the mouth of the Chagres River.
Hi All
We are scheduled to go through the canal on Wednesday and I will be shopping, cleaning and organizing for the transit and beyond, so today was my last long birding day here. Frank, the dockmaster, drove Glyn and me to Fort San Lorenzo and we walked the 9K back. It was a beautiful day and I identified a few more birds with their calls. We also got two new butterflies. We were out from 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m and came back hot, tired and foot-sore, but it was a great walk and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm having an oldtimers moment-- I've forgotten; Why are we leaving Panama?
Many-banded Daggerwing
Marpesia chiron 
White-tailed Trogon
It is BBQ night and while many were gathered, Gene passed his Mayoral Anchor to Dillon of Dutch Dreamer. A new Mayor of D Dock was crowned. We skipped a generation and went from a 70 year old mayor to a 15 year old mayor.  We are sure of Dillon's capabilities and have faith that he will follow tradition and pass the anchor to another long-termer when he leaves Shelter Bay.

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