A Little Crack in the Plan

Hi All,
I found a crack in a shroud turnbuckle and I wasn't comfortable with it because we will be doing a lot of beating to get home.  The pressure exerted on the boat can be phenomenal and I was afraid the thing would crack in half and cause us major grief. I don't think Gene was worried, but he is replacing it to appease me.
Arrow pointing to crack.
The problem is we can't get the turnbuckles here so we have to order them. That could take anywhere from a week to a month. Since we motor through the canal, we will keep our transit date and replace the turnbuckles on the Pacific side. Gene has emailed a company in the US and requested them to mail to a marine hardware store in Panama City. Of course, that was on the weekend. Hopefully, they will email us back today with cost and time quotes.

I think I have everything in pretty good order below. I have rearranged and rearranged and I have almost everything stowed in a good spot.

Gene is at the grocery getting provisions for the transit crew. We will have to feed six for two days and put five up for one night. It's going to be pretty crowded!

Tomorrow, I will do all our laundry and prepare all I can ahead of time for transit food. We are going to the restaurant with Glyn and Dave tomorrow night so I won't have to cook and make a mess.

It is Carnival right now and tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. I hope the crew we've hired and the advisor won't be suffering from debilitating hangovers and slip up! Can you tell I'm suffering from High Anxiety?


  1. Hi Sue and Gene!
    Your brother Jim here. Could you post the itinerary of your passage through the canal? Also, I found what looks to be the official site for the canal web cams; http://www.pancanal.com/eng/photo/camera-java.html. It shows images for the Gatun Locks, Centennial Bridge and the Miraflores Locks. If this is not the best website, let us know.
    Thanks! And, break a keel!
    Love Jim

    1. Hi Jim,
      Completely forgot about the webcam. I think the site you've got is the correct one. We are due to arrive at the Gatun Locks at 1731 (5:31 p.m. our time)and clear the locks at 1855 (6:55). I don't know where the webcam is located, but I'll find out. Also, I think there is a way to tape the webcam so that anyone who wanted to see us go through could see us without having to watch for an hour and a half! I will try to get more info and get an approx time we should be at the webcam.
      Love Sue

    2. Hi Sue, thanks for the reply. I Hope you get this before you lose contact. Are we talking about the 13th, the 14th? The blog posting on the 3rd said (tentatively) 10 more days till transit. I figured that would make it the 13th, between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock in the afternoon, California time, when you might be in view. Also, I'm assuming that it will still be light enough to see you guys. And please Gene, do not get any ideas about mooning the camera! If we have to see you by moon light, that's not the moon I want to see!

    3. Yes, transit is on the 13th. We should pass the cam at about 3:55 your time. It will probably be dark by then. I don't think we'd be too visible even in daylight though. I should look on the webcam sight to see what the images look like. I think we will be a tiny speck. It's too bad it will be dark, Gene even shaved!


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