Return of the Jedi Crew

Hi All,
We are doing really well getting ready for the trip home. Yesterday, Gene removed the rotting section of the sole that the table attaches to and put in the new piece he made and re-attached the table.  The bilge was scummy from a leak in the hydraulic boom-vang, so I scraped it out and degreased it. We also washed and detailed Nick and Josie's car as they come home today after a road trip in the US and a Christmas trip home to the Netherlands.  They've been gone 7 or 8 months and left us in charge of their brand new Honda.  It has been really nice having a car--Glynn and I could go to the far reaches of San Lorenzo any time we wanted. Glynn and I will be happy to see the Jedi two again, but, Damn!Glynn, Dave and Gene and I are taking Nick and Josie out for dinner tonight--should be a fun evening--they are really neat people.
Old Sole

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