Hauled Out and Splashed In

January 17, 2013

On Monday, we hauled Pergrine, and after three years of being tied to a dock in warm tropical waters, she had plenty of growth on her bottom. I joked that we might not be able to budge her from the slip due to being locked into the coral reef we formed, and, Victor, who has been the travel-lift operator since we've been here, climbed down from the lift, took a look at what he'd hauled out, and called her "The Reef".  Other cruisers came by in the way they do when a boat gets hauled, and we got plenty of comments of this sort,  "Did you get permission from the environmental agencys to do this?" Our Swiss neighbor came out to see if he should put his boat on the hard when he goes home for the season, or just haul out and paint when they come back. He decided to put his boat on the hard.
The reef on Peregrine's keel. Notice the ground.
Close-up of rudder.
Notice the ground again.
Nearly ready for sanding. It took most of the day for the crew to scrape and sand, Gene got one coat of paint on before the day was done.
Portable reef or not, lines don't get much better than this. She may be an IOR dinosaur, but she's still pretty.
Mast and all.
We were back in the water at lunch on Thursday. We would like to publicly thank all the guys who worked on Peregrine, especially, Victor. We didn't much care for the attitude of the manager of the new yard owners, Lyman Morse, especially in his treatment of Victor. In our opinion, the company should treat Victor a whole lot better because it doesn't seem like the place would run without him. Victor and his guys came out in two dinghys to take Peregrine to the travel-lift because we weren't sure of our steerage with the growth we had on the prop and rudder. He then personally dived to make sure the belts on the travel-lift were in the right place and confirmed his decision with us before hauling. The process was efficient and painless and we credit Victor with that.

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