Back in the Hole in the Water

January 1, 2013
Hi All and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
As some of you know, we have been in California  since early November spending time with family and returned to Panama in time to ring in the New Year. Not much of a ringing in; we were both fast asleep before the stroke of midnight or the singing of Auld Lang Syne. 
I didn't call friends and kept the visit focused on immediate family because we didn't have a lot of time and Thanksgiving and Christmas is such a busy for everyone.

We had a great visit and  I kept wishing we were already home for good and didn't have to go through the canal and bash our way north to Orange County.  Life is so convenient as a live-ashore and I was happy to have all the amenities and choices. 
Raven loaned us her car and I was able to go to Dr.s appointments for me and my mother and drive out to Bonnie's place and our place in San Diego to see Mike, Rhiannon and the kids. 
My mom has an anuerism and emphesyma and there isn't much that can be done for either. Surgery on the anuerism is too risky for her and unless it grows, things will be left as is.  She only has 43% lung capacity and that obviously causes distress when she exerts herself. She is most comfortable at home attached to her oxygen.  Her health issues, like mine fall into the  'sorry, there's nothing we can do' category. I am stuck with the 'floaters' in my eye, the tinnitus in my ears, the back pain (not caused by the broken back, but hereditary disk degeneration), and the burning feet. I did get some medication for the neuropathy and I can't feel that my feet are on fire or that I'm walking on glass. Relief! It's hell getting old, but I am still of a mind that it beats the alternative.
We already miss the sour dough bread. So now, it's CALIFORNIA OR BUST!

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