Jack is Adopted and Loved

Paul, on the sailing vessel, Allessandra, has adopted Jack. We know he is good with dogs because he always made sure the Aeronaval dogs were fed and they lived on his boat more than they stayed with the Coast Guard guys who owned them. Gene knew Paul wanted a dog and when we took Jack over to meet him, it was love at first sight.  He wanted us to keep Jack with us for the rest of the day so he could finish a project he was working on. Paul wanted to be able to pet him and give him undivided attention on his first day aboard. Good start. Gene ran into Paul at the grocery yesterday and saw that he was buying liver and other fancy stuff for Jack's recuperation.  He made him rice and hamburger the first night.  Jack is doing really well and even jumped aboard Paul's boat today without help.
I was a little worried about the flag, but the garden aboard made up for the spooky look.
Jack has his own dog house.
As me old pappy used to say (and still does), all's well that ends well.
I am going into Colon to the doctor with Glyn and her husband, Dave, tomorrow. Dave needs to have his back checked and I am going to see if my tinnitus can be fixed.
A couple we went through Polynesia with are here visiting a couple we met in New Zealand. It was good to see them again. They are Fred and Renee from the s/v Aldebaran. They no longer have the boat and now have a florist's shop in Milwaukee.

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