Thought for the day.....

The closer we get to finishing our circumnavigation, the more I reminisce about things we've seen and done.  I was going though photos and trying to organize when I came across this.  These 'Barbary Apes' (Common Macaques) were at the "Top of the Rock" in Gibraltar. When people get on the tram at the bottom, they are told not to take shopping bags or totes with visible treats in them.  Of course, there are always the special people for whom rules don't apply and a few of them got off the tram when Gene and I did. Within minutes, we heard a blood-curdling scream and saw a monkey dash up to the top of the building, throwing things out of a tote as he ran.  He snagged a bag of chips, threw the tote down and took off.  We ran into him later and I got this shot of him.  His look communicated pretty effectively that we'd better not come down the slope and try and get his chips!  His poor buddy sat quietly by hoping for a treat. 

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