Still Alive After Headliner Incident

July 19, 2012
Hi All,
I realized I should post telling those of you I haven't talked to or emailed that we haven't killed each other and are still kickin'.  Gene agreed with the headliner removal decision.  He cut the end of the wooden berth base to get rid of rot and replaced the section with new wood.  There is still bad wood back there and we will decide whether we can leave it til we get home or not.  We picked up our new cushions for the v-berth yesterday and they're ok.  The foam doesn't quite fill the cover so they're not smooth, but they're fresh and clean.

Not much going on here and I'm in a homesick mood.  Gene is at the grocery right now and I have water boiling for dishes. Ahh, life in a hole in the water in the tropics.

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