A Car!

Hi All,
We now have a the use of a car!  Josie and Nick of Jedi have gone to the US to do a six month driving tour.  They are going to take their time and stick to the coastal eastern side.  They bought a 40 ft. motor home and will start their trip in Florida.  I hope they have a great time and are treated well by my fellow Americans. They are from the Netherlands.

Gene and I have profited greatly by their adventure because they have left us in charge of their new Honda CRV.  A car!! I can go to the Charges and Tiger Trail and to the end of the San Lorenzo protected area in Pina anytime I like. I am not comfortable driving on the other side of the canal, but Gene is ok with that so we can even get over to Plantation Road and Pipeline Road a few times. Those are famous birding spots.

Not much other news.  Gene is at the grocery now; because we have the car, he can go in when he likes and be back without having to wait for the marina shuttle.  The shuttle is a great service, but it does mean a four hour trip.

Tomorrow, Gene, Glyn and I are going to go to Galeta Island for some birding.

Talk to you soon.

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