Lazy Days of Summer

June 24, 2012

Hi All,
We've been tired and lazy since coming back home to Panama. I've been out birding a few times, but when I do go out, I'm only out for a couple of hours.  Haven't done much on the boat either. I gave the head a vinegar scouring on Friday, and yesterday, I cleaned the area where the stove fits in.  It's needed it for ages.  Gene unhooked the gas hose and took it off the gimbels for me. What a mess!
I wanted to take before and after pictures, but I forgot to get a picture of our new, spotless stainless before Gene put the thing back together.  He wasn't willing to take it out again for a photo.

We went up for the Friday BBQ and yacht luck. Gene was eaten alive by sandflies and has had to take Benedryl to keep from scratching himself bloody. It's usually me who is itchy, he rarely gets bitten.

It's supposed to be the rainy season, but today was the first we've seen since we got back.  I went birding after the main downpour.  The freshly washed forest was beautiful and a bit of a tonic.  Didn't see a whole lot though. I came back damp and when I slid the hatch back I heard Luciano and smelled garlic.  Gene makes pizza on Sundays and he plays Pavaroti while he cooks.

Not much to say and I'm too lazy to write more, so I'll say bye for now. 

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