Rainy Season Starts With a Bang

Blue Land Crab Cardisoma guanhumi
April is over and so is the dry season. May is the start of the rainy season and the rythmn of the jungle by the sea is obviously in step with Mother Nature. She has flipped the switch from dry to wet, and seemingly overnight, the forest has changed. I had forgotten how loud the thunder can get here. A few nights ago, Peregrine shivered under thunder that rolled low over the marina after cracks that sounded like the fabric of the firmament had been rent.

It is the season of on again off again electricity, a leaky boat, beautiful light shows, new growth and earthy scents from the forest and birding days cut short.

This morning, I got out at 7:45 and was back in less that an hour; and that hour wasn't too good. A couple of fellow sailors got on the Kennedy loop before me, so I decided to walk San Lorenzo Road. I didn't walk San L yesterday because it was Sunday and the road is usually busy with weekend drivers. It was not only Sunday, it was Crab Sunday. It's Crab season and the natives are crabbing!
The crabbing seems sort of like grunion runs in California. Whole families come out to collect the crabs and have a good time. I thought today would be fine, but when I got to the road, there were a dozen men with machetes yelling to each other from different spots. I could hear some deep in the giant cane and others up the road and out of sight. I'd forgotten today was a holiday. I decided birding wouldn't be too good and turned to go back to Kennedy Loop. It started to rain before I got the the loop road, so I went back to Peregrine. Not exactly a stellar birding day. 
I am aboard typing now, and, of course, the sun has come out. I am not going to put my damp clothes back on and go out again. I will stay in and get some writing done. I have April to condense, and photos to organize and shrink for posting. Speaking of photos! The videos I made of the Alder Flycatcher have been posted on an Indian e-newspaper without giving me credit. Oh, my name comes up if you hit the 'youtube' symbol, but if you just hit the play button, it plays the video and no where does it say the video is by Twitching Sailor. Hmmm. Why would the video even be there? I'm relatively new to the youtube thing; I've only done a few for my blog and ID purposes, and never had a video open to 'public', so maybe this is normal? In any case, I decided to monetize the video. That means there will be advertisments on and next to the video, that should discourage 'firstpost.com'.

Okay, I'm going to make my third cuppa and work on an 'April Condensed' post.

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