California or Bust

May 11, 2012
Hi All,
We leave the marina early tomorrow morning to catch a bus from Colon to go to Panama City so we can get our flight to California on the 14th.  The shuttle from the marina doesn't run on Sunday, so we will be staying two nights in Panama City.  No problemo for me.  I can pokie at the casino on Saturday night,  go to the Metropolitan Parque on Sunday, and pokie on Sunday night after a pasta dinner at The Wine Bar. 

Getting ready has been a bit problematic.  The electricty has gone out twice today. Once in the wee, dark hours of the pre-dawn until about 8:00ish; and again about 15 minutes ago at 3:00. No electricity is not that big a deal unless you have laundry sitting in a machine.  Laundry being put off (or re-laundered because it got stinky sitting in the tropical heat while wet) is not that big a deal either; unless you have to have it because you are leaving the next day and the lavanderia closes at 4:00. Now, before you say, "Well, I would have had the laundry done the day before the day before I left.", let me just say, we deposited our laundry on Thursday and it was supposed to be ready for pick-up today at 10:00.  Unfortunately, a large group of large vessels descended on us and all the resources are stretched.  The group is, The Clipper Cup.  The laundry lady never got a machine open yesterday because of the Clipper Cup group.  She probably figured, "No biggy.  I'll do it when I get in at 7:00 the next morning and I will have it ready by at least 3:00." Unfortunately, the laundry lady had to pull double duty as the hotel maid and didn't get to the lavanderia until late and it was, once again, filled with the Clipper Cup people. That really wasn't a big deal because they were heading out at 12:00 noon and the place would be empty and she could get the laundry done.   Unless, of course, the Clipper Cup people put off departure until 6:00 and the electricty went out.  I have already spoken to Chris (the laundry manager), and I will get the keys to the lavanderia and do it at 3:00a.m. if necessary.

Tonight is BBQ and yacht-luck.  We have a few sausages to grill and I am taking cheese and proscuitto tortellinis with arrabiata sauce as my side dish. If I need to do my laundry, I will do it during the BBQ if we have power.   We will come back, clean up, empty the refrigerator and pack.

It's now 3:45 and no power yet. Somehow, I don't think our laundry is going to get done before closing time.

I'm signing off the blog and going back to my bridge game before the computer battery runs out.

I will write from the hotel manana if the power doesn't come on at a reasonable hour.
Love You All

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