So, Who Found the Easter Keg, eh?

The Crew of Ruby Soho showing their Booty
April 7, 2012
Today was the big Easter Keg Hunt and a bunch of cruisers cruised the jungle in search of the pink and yellow Easter Keg. Chris, the chef and manager of The Dock restaurant hatched this idea and was the organizer. He had been out in the wee hours hiding clues and the keg. There were seven clues and the Hunting Parties were to bring all seven clues and the Keg in to win two cases of beer. The clues were in envelopes and the hunters were to remove one and leave the rest. The clues were printed out on 8x11 sheets of paper. Here is what they looked like:
Our partners were Candians, Terry and Jerry of Gymnopedies. Like me, Jerry and Terry go out in the jungle on a daily basis and we were sure we would win; we knew this jungle better than anyone.  Now,  I don't want to give the impression that we're sore losers or anything, but we feel we would have won if Chris hadn't given us a bum clue. Ok, ok, so everybody got the bum clue, but we were affected more by it than others. The clue made reference to Col. Baird and I knew where the Baird Battery (bunker) was and I was pretty sure no one else did. Gene and Jerry started to head for the Mower and Stanley Batteries and I said that the Baird batteries were behind the old church. Gene and Jerry decided to double check the Mower and Stanley anyway, and  I went to where I knew the Baird Battery was.  We were already missing the clue #2 page because we saw someone find the #3 clue and went to get it, so Terry went backwards to find the #2 page.  We were to hook back up in ten minutes.

 As I was on my way, two young Canadians came running up behind and I knew they knew where the Baird battery was. We talked as we walked and I found out they knew about it because they had just been in there yesterday. Damn. I thought our team would have a huge advantage on this one. The three of us scoured the huge, cavernous complex. Nothing. I did find a dead, petrified monkey (or something), but no clue.

We soon find out that Chris misspoke (miswrote) and put Baird when he meant Mower. Unforntunately, Gene and Jerry didn't check inside the batteries when they went to check them out, they only wanted to verify that I was right about the names.

Meanwhile....Terry had gone back and gotten the missing page AND the next clue and was on her way to the final spot when she saw some of her fellow countrymen coming back with the Easter Keg. Missed it by that much[ ] ! Now, mind you, if Chris had put up the proper clue, we would have gone to Mower before others, cause we knew where and what it was and we would have won....Maybe....turns out there was more to this hunt than meets the eye.

Now, again, I don't want to give the impression that we're sore losers or anything, but I started smelling a skunk--a big one. It turns out the Canadians from Ruby Soho found the Keg before they had all the clue sheets and had to backtrack and get the pages. All clue sheets had to be handed in for the 'find' to be legitimate; that way no one could have gotten up at the crack of dawn to follow Chris to find out where the Keg was hidden. Anyway, they claimed to have stumbled on it and then had to back-track and collect the clues. I thought all was on the up and up until I saw a Strange looking dog on the marina lawn and watched as it jumped aboard their boat. It was a Black Lab with Stripes that made it look like a large skunk. Hmmmm. I remembered something about that....Something strange was brewing at the marina.
Could it be that our exceedingly polite, clean-cut, robust young Canadians were not as innocent as they appeared? I thought I heard someone with a Canadian accent skyping to an uncle last night.  I'm sure I heard him ask his Uncle Mackenzie when Hosehead was going to fly down.

The light bulb in the old head clicked on--I knew who Hosehead was! The Canadians of Ruby Soho obviously had a ringer fly in!  Hosehead found the Keg straight off and they had to back-track to claim their prize. What some people won't do for free beer, eh?  Take a look at the YouTube I'm posting below and you will understand how they did it. Uncle Mackenzie!! His uncles are the Mackenzie brothers, eh? And Hosehead?  Yeah, he's a little long in tooth, but obviously he can still find beer. (After you watch the video, hit the back arrow to get back to the blog.  If you hit the 'x' on the youtube video, you will exit the blog without being able to finish reading about the mysterious Keg Hunt win)

I knew I needed proof of this skulduggery, so I went to Ruby Soho to lure Hosehead out with a Balboa, but he didn't come out. Either he would only be lured with a Moosehead or Molson, or he has flown the coop. He probably left with the migrating Thrushes for camouflage. Without proof, the fake squeaky-clean Canadians get to keep the booty.
Oh well, all the contenders got a free beer, or in the case of Gene and I, a free Bloody Mary. Chris felt bad about his error and bought a round!

Happy Easter Everybody!!!
Oh, and so I don't come off like a sore loser, Congratulations, Ruby Soho!
The Keg Hunters
Another photo with Chris in it.  I posted both because I really liked the first one best.


  1. Happy Easter! I love the idea and story of the great keg hunt! Great job with the video clips and pics! Love you!xoxo

  2. Hi Bons,
    Thanks. I had a lot of fun writing this one.
    Love you too.

  3. Happy late Easter Suzy and Gene! As always Suzy, your blog cracked me up. You are such a good writer; very entertaining! Stay safe guys! ♥ you both!

  4. Hi Rhiannon,
    Thank-you very much. Did you recongnize Oso? I couldn't just go online and steal a photo of a Labrador and I remembered I had a few of Oso. Love all you guys too. See you soon.


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