Pasta Buffet and the Shelter Belters

left to right: Frank, Philipa, Keith and Steve
Hi All,
I'm just sending a quick post before going up to the Friday night BBQ and Yacht-luck.  Last night, the Dock had a pasta buffet and the musical yachties gave another performance.  Steve, of Liward has performed solo many times, but then the dockmaster, Frank started joining him with bass guitar.  We've had a drummer for that last few concerts, Keith of Baja Beagle.  He's great and adds alot even if he has to used an upended five gallon bucket for his drum. Last night we were treated to the addition of violin, courtesy of, Philipa on Wanda. It was amazing that she had never even heard half the songs they played,  yet she jumped in and added another layer of complexity. Steve has begun referring to the rotating musical group as the, SHELTER BELTERS.  Steve and Lili plan to leave for a circumnavigation soon.  It will be like the Blue Meanies hit the marina when they go.
Some of the often overwhelmed restaurant staff:
Lorna (she with the voice too sultry for words),
Mario, the wonderful Maricio, and Rey in the background.
Philipa and Steve
Tomorrow is the Easter Keg Hunt followed by a pot luck of side dishes provided by the boat people and ham and turkey provided by the restaurant.  Canadians, Jerry and Terry off Gymnopedies are in our hunting group tomorrow.  Who will find the pink and yellow Keg and receive two, count them, two cases of beer?

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