Back in the Groove

80 somethings, Chuck and Jeanette from California get ready to depart for Costa Rica
Hi All,
Everything is back to normal around here. Ticks are gone, dentist  made, found Rx. Dr. Miranda had written me when I was home last. All's well that ends well.

The rhythm of life in the jungle by the sea goes on.  We have lost more neighbors, but some oldies are back.  Sam and Marilyn on Catharpin Blue have transited and will be sailing to the Galapagos soon, then on to NZ.  Octogenarians, Chuck and Jeanette aboard Vagabunda have headed for Golfito, Costa Rica.  Connie and Steve from Better Days have just returned from months in the San Blas.
Jeanette in her 'Bad to the Bone' t-shirt. I hope we're like them when we're in our 80's.  Hell, we're not like them and we're not even in our 70's!
Fair Winds, Catharpin Blue
The Kiskadee family is healthy and happy, pooping and dropping seeds like crazy.  Tom put a tarp up over his forward hatch, so I have to play Chinese Jump-rope to clean the deck.  I think they will fledge any day now. The nestlings are sounding like adults these days.

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