Toothless, but not Tickless in Panama

March 22, 2012,

Hi All,
I've had a pretty crappy last few days.
I rented a bike at the min-mart and Glyn and I rode into San Lorenzo National Park.  There was a side road Glyn wanted to explore. She had gone down it once before but had turned around because it was so long and she figured she wouldn't be found if something happened.
During the ride in, we saw and photographed a beautiful butterfly neither of us had seen before.  It was on the road and I almost ran over it. I saw what I thought was a bright red head just as I came up on it. I swerved, but I was sure that I hit it.  I was afraid to go back and see it squashed.  We did go back though and got this beautiful butterfly:  Rhetus arcius.
We also saw a baby Three-toed sloth before turning onto our unpaved road (really more of a trail).
The trail was quiet.  We got a few butterflies and a few birds, but I think everything was having a siesta. It was steamy and we headed for home. Glyn showed me her 'secret garden' before calling it a day.  I was really drained the whole day and felt unusually weak. I chalked it up to lack of sleep.
I picked off four seed ticks, they were already feeding.  Pretty sure I got all of them that were on me.  I emailed Glyn to look carefully. I feel a urinary/bladder infection coming on, or maybe just sore from the bicycle seat? ;)  Gene got me cranberry juice at the mini-mart and signed us up for the bus into town to see the doctor.

Slept in and missed the bus.  I really needed the sleep though--haven't had much in the last few days.  I could have gone on the afternoon bus, but I felt a little better and thought I'd wait to see how things go before seeing a doctor. I had to do laundry, so after my coffee, I go in to brush my teeth.  I go round and round with my little Philips Sonicare and a crown drops off.  Not just the crown though; the whole damn tooth! I have a stub at gum level and the rest of the tooth is in the crown. Great!  Gene told me to call the dentist right away, but I went birding instead. I will call manana.

Hope you all had a better week.


  1. PLEASE see the doc AND the dentist. It can't be healthy to have ticks feeding on you! Maybe you have a disease that will cause teeth to fall out. Think how difficult dentures would be on the boat and how expensive implants are!

    The butterflies are soooooo beautiful. I like the sloth too though I don't know how close I would get to it.

    Hope today (Friday) is better!

  2. Hi Raves,
    :):):) There are definitely healthier things than having ticks feeding on you! Sounds worse than it is. I doubt I got tooth-dropsy from the ticks. I think it's more to do with ultrasound and brittle tooth shells in crowns. Back to the manual toothbrush.Called the Dentist today, but they are closed. If I don't feel better tomorrow, I'll go in to the Doctor. Glyn will not get off her bike now, no more walking for her--bummer!
    Today is better--BBQ and Yacht-luck tonight. Several people left today, but some oldies but goodies returned. Thanks for your concern,
    Love Ya, Sue


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