Seed Tick Update

I found two more ticks on me today and they were definitely feeding.  I've got marks where they were.  As I removed one, I wondered if the geckos might have ticks on their food list.
I couldn't find any specific mention of geckos eating ticks, but I did find something about a tick feeding on a horned lizard. I hope these things don't hurt my geckos!

They seemed to hate my White Rain, Ocean Mist Body Wash with Sea Kelp and Vitamin E--despite the fancy name, it feels like Joy dish soap and you really get clean.  While I was in the shower, I found a tick and it came off easily after I was foamed up.  It wasn't moving at all when I pulled it out.  Gene is going into town tomorrow and getting some Rid-X or equivalent, if he can find it. I'm sure it's too late and whatever was on me will be off by tomorrow after having dined to fully satiated level on my dissolved flesh, but I will have it.  Even if logic prevents me from using it tomorrow, it will be around in case I ever have the misfortune of running into these things again.

I tried to find more on ticks and did, but now I don't know how much of it will do me any good.  I thought by the images I found that I had Lone Star Seed Ticks, but it seems that they, Amblyomma americanum, are not in Panama. I tried to find how many species are in Panama, but the best I could find was a study in the Panama City area in which 17 species were found. There are some diseases that can be transmitted, but I think that since these were seed ticks of whatever species, they are probably not too dangerous as they haven't fed off anything else first.

I'm Ticked Out!  I will just wait and if I feel flu like symptoms or go comatose, Gene will take me to a doctor.  I'm making myself sick with too much information and I'm done for now. 

I think this link is pretty close to what my tick is and what I can expect:

Bye for now, sweet dreams.

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  1. I got leeches in Indonesia and they seem pretty nice compared to your ticks! Next time, when offered a choice, choose leeches.


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