Lights Out, Again

March 8, 2012

It’s 8:21 p.m. and the electricity is still out. I think I have enough battery on the computer to write a few notes for editing later. The power went out about 5:00. Well, that’s when we noticed it was out. Gene’s computer went dead in the middle of his card game and of course he was winning. We still have lights because they will run off our batteries for awhile.

A new boat came in across from us and had to run their engine to cool their refrigerator and the diesel fumes flowed in a toxic current across the dock and down our forward hatch; a vaporous viper searching for shelter. We had to close the hatch and it was a sauna while my chili colorado for the cook-off tomorrow boiled away to reduce. When I could finally turn it off, the engine across the dock was off and I opened the hatch. I was tired from being awake all night last night and grimy from my 6 hour walk in the forest today. I had insomnia last night and at 4.00 a.m. I got the brilliant idea to stay awake and go birding at sunrise. I ended up hearing and seeing all kinds of treasures and stayed out longer than I planned. I did get a nap from 1.00 to 4.00, but I was almost out of power too.

I decided to go up for a shower and found that the generator that keeps the restaurant/hotel power on during outages was not working and the whole marina was dark except for the flicker of candles at the tables on the patio and the occasional strobe of a flashlight. People were festive and enjoying their beer, wine and rums in the candlelight. I slunk by in the dark because I had bummy cooking clothes on and brailled myself through the long dark hall to the bathrooms. The staff leaves the big floor cleaning vat on wheels in the hall, and I just knew I was going to trip over it. I felt along the wall until I reached a door indent and found the knob. Locked. Went to the next, opened it, and was in light! Someone was parked just outside and the headlights shone through the glass bricks of the outer wall and the window in the bathroom. I hung up the towel and turned on the faucets before it backed out. A weak light was there, the moon, trying her best to illuminate the earth through the clouds. It was really dark in some areas of the room, but if I can’t shower in the dark at my age, I’m in big trouble.  Thank the Gods--there was hot water! As I lathered I dropped the soap.  Damn, it was dark! I bent over and felt along the floor to find it and had a horrible thought.  I just knew there was going to be a crab in there. I don’t mean little crabs like a hermit crab; I mean a land crab with big pinchers. One of them was on the steps in the hall a few nights ago when I went for my shower. It backed into the corner of the steps as I came up and reared, furiously clicking it’s pinchers at me as I went by even though I told it everything was fine and I wasn't going to hurt it.   I tried to listen for clicking over the shower water and heard nothing. I figured if one was in there, it would be against a wall. I quickly rinsed and got out. The hanging towel was easy to find but everything else was in a pile on the counter. There was enough light to find it. I felt the pile and picked out the soap dish, put the soap away then found my pants. I made sure my dirty undies were zipped into the shower bag, it wouldn’t due to drop those in the hall. Shirt next.  I felt for the buttons to make sure it wasn’t inside out. I carefully navigated the tiled hallway in my wet flip-flops and I could see light gleaming on the handrail that is on the wall where the sets go down.  When I felt the flip-flop bend at the edge of the step, I descended without the slightest slip. Nothing like an adventurous shower.

Ah, 8:40 and the electricity, she is on! Gene said it would be another all-nighter, but I had faith.

Good Night All.

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