High Winds and No Power

March 6, 2012

Last night about 10:00 the electricy went out.  We had winds gusting to 25 k and figured a tree must have fallen on a power line.  We also had rain.  The forest really needs it! Gene said the powe came back on briefly this morning, but it is 10:00 am now and it is still not on. 

Found four engorged ticks on me today.  Gene found three on my back and one fell off as soon as he touched it.  I got it off the sole and destroyed all four.  Pretty sure that now the ticks, at least for this stage, are finito.   I stripped the sheets off the bed in case some may have fallen off during the night, but the laundry room is closed due to no power.  Good thing we're rich and have two sets of sheets.

I was out birding when the power finally came on about 3:30.  Tomorrow--the laundry.

Wind is still blowing at about 25 in the marina.  It must be gusting to 30 outside.  Glad we're tied to a dock.

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