Fair Winds, Virgo's Child

March 14, 2012
The worst thing about this neighborhood is that it's so transient.  Our Aussie neighbors aboard, VIRGO'S CHILD, left today and they will be missed.
Glyn (South African from s/v, Dignity) and I had plans for a Chagres River walk, so I had to give Elaine and Terry a good-bye hug at 8:30 and leave before they pulled out at 10:30.  It was probably a good thing I wasn't around when they left, Gene said there were tears.  No tears needed though; Virgo's Child is off for more adventures and a fantastic sail though Polynesia!  They are stopping at the Galapagos on the way to the Societies, lucky dogs.  Fair Winds, Children!
Virgo's Child all tired up for the transit.
Elvis and Priscilla will also be on their way soon.  Priscilla is the guinea pig I wrote about in a past post.  Her offspring have been adopted out and she is ready to sail to Bocas del Toro with Pam, Walter, Mariah and Elvis. 
Pam taking Elvis up for a potty break in his chariot.
Elvis is old and his legs have all but given out.  He can stand long enough to do his duties, but that is about it.  He lounges on the patio during happy hour and seems content in spite of the problems that come with being old.


  1. The baby anteater is adorable. What a long tail! Elvis is so sweet. I'm glad that he has good people taking such great care of him. And it's wonderful that the baby pigs found homes. I always worry about the animals....wish we could find definite guardians for our princesses!

  2. Hi Raves,
    Yes, Elvis is loved. They are heading out soon, but waiting for the wind to die down. Elvis has a kennel to be in for the trip so he doesn't get tossed around.


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