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February 14, 2012
Another glorious day in paradise! It was so perfect that when Gene and I arrived back at Peregrine after separate wanderings, we both made comments on how beautiful it was and what a great neighborhood we have. The day started with excellent Panamanian coffee and one of the geckos making a rare morning appearance.  He wasn't sure if he wanted to come in or go out. He would hang on the plexiglass divider at the hatch, then would slip through the slit between the screen and the divider to go out, then come back in.  Finally, when we removed the screen so we could get out he went out too.
Gene took the shuttle into town to grocery shop, and I did some laundry.
Laundry and dishes Peregrine style.
Our Street; D Dock
One of our neighbors.
The mini-mart is now renting bikes!  I was prepared to rent one for tomorrow until I realized it didn't have a basket.  I have tried birding and biking without a basket and it didn't work out too well. My bins kept hitting the handle-bars when I got on and off and the backpack was heavy and cumbersome while trying to ride, not to mention the frequent stops and dismounts. Plan 'B' could be buying one and fitting it with a basket--but only if they are comfortable and easy to ride--I'll have to take one for a spin.
Looking toward Kennedy Loop

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