January 20, 2012

Hi All,
There is one certainty in the world of circumnavigating sailors; plans change. We had planned to transit the canal in mid-January and finish the circumnavigation this year, but one day during the first week of December we changed our minds. I should say I did and Gene was happy to go along. We're both very content here and  I'm just not ready to leave the rainforest.

I knew Bons would be disappointed that we would be staying another year so we decided we would fly home twice this year for short visits.  We figured the first flight home should be over Christmas and New Years. Our friends, the Lafitte's, have been hosting a boat parade party at their place on Balboa Island for over twenty years.  We knew that most of my family would be there, so we decided we would fly in and surprise everybody at the party.  We didn't tell anyone but Bonnie who picked us up at the airport and Mike and Rhiannon because they had decided not to make the long drive from San Diego and we wanted to see them.

We wandered into the Lafitte's living room and melted into the mob just as Raves came in from the kitchen. She was so shocked I felt bad afterwards for surprising her, but not before having a good laugh. She does like to be organized and have things planned just so! My brother, Jim, looked at me for a few minutes before saying anything.  You could almost hear the gears going--"Isn't she in Panama?"  Grandma and Grandpa weren't there because they had a bug.

Now we have a bug. We both feel pretty bad; coughs, snot and fevers. I have been out in the jungle twice, but we have not even given the boat a good cleaning since we've been back. We're just too weak. Gene did go into the grocery and all the people on the shuttle held up their arms in the sign of the cross. The Aussies on Virgo's Child gave him a eucalyptus lolly. Last night when I blew my nose for the eight hundreth time I got a bloody nose through both nostrils that lasted a half hour. I finally got to sleep at four. I'll give the cough a week to clear up and if it doesn't I'll make an appointment to see if we need antibiotics.

Sorry for this crappy post, but I feel crappy. I started it last night, worked on it while I had kleenex stuffed in my nose to plug the blood, and finally gave up when my eyes closed while shrinking the photos.  I finished this morning, well, at 1:30 p.m. when I finally woke. The internet connection went off before I finished and didn't save all I'd added. I didn't have the heart or energy to make it right again.
Talk to you all later.
Some Balboa Island Christmas pictures
click to enlarge and see gallery:
My three year old grandson and six year old granddaughter having a go at the pinata.

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