D Dock News January 30, 2012

Hi All,
Just a quick post to keep you updated on the exciting life of world traveling adventurers. It's not often that I scoop Gene, the Mayor of D Dock, on the lastest comings and goings of the marina, but I did a few days ago when I met Cooper before he did. Cooper is chef Chris's new puppy.
Other important dock news also involves a four legged marina resident. Priscilla aboard Sandial is pregnant. Her teenage, human mother proudly carries her around and invites all to put their hands on her belly and feel the babies.  I think every body in the marina has been asked if they would like a guinea pig. The due date is February 12th.
The beautiful, intelligent and adventurous Glyn.
I first met Glyn in the forest.  She was out on her bike and I was out on my feet.  She has seen a few things I am jealous of;  Southern River Otters at Diablo Creek, and a good sized Boa Constrictor. She and Dave live aboard Dignity and Dave is the manager of the hard stand area. Not for long though as they plan to start sailing back to South Africa this year. I don't know how the marina will manage without Dave.  Glyn and I are planning a trip to Panama City.  As soon as my cold is gone, we're off.  We plan to take the shuttle in and stay one or two nights.  The Metropolitan Park is my main goal, but I'm up for other exploring too.  We plan on going to the casino in the evening to pokie. I would like to take the train back, but I don't know how Glyn feels about that. We also want to get back to Pipeline Road for a day.  She went with Gene and I when we went and we were rained out.  The dry season is upon us and we're ready to go again.

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