Coffee Sauce and Jimmy Buffett

January 28, 2012
Hi All,
The Arc is gone and things are quiet at the marina again. Chris, the young chef at the restaurant, had his coffee dinner special tonight and we liked it so much last time, we went up for dinner.  It was just as good this time--even better because a dessert of coffee creme brulee came with it.  The menu of filet mignon with coffee sauce, coffee mashed potatoes and coffee green beans sounds weird, but it is GREAT.  Sorry the desert was already started when I got the shot. After Gene and I had ours, I thought I should come back up and get a photo, but our Canadian neighbor had already gotten and started his dessert by the time I got back.  You get a spoon of coffee custard, swirl it in the chocolate and pick up a coffee bean--yum!
I think I've mentioned Steve, on Liward before.  He sometimes takes his guitar up and plays for the marina folk. He also knows Jimmy Buffett and is a fan, so he rigged up speakers and broadcast Jimmy Buffett's concert live from Miami. He put out chairs and served margaritas in paper cups. A good time was had on the dock!


  1. Your dance floor looks a bit small.

    Are you over the flumonia ?

  2. Hi Dad,
    Yeah, we are both feeling much better. Not 100%, but mostly human. The dance floor is small, but at least one couple found it workable. In Oz, where we had less tame dock parties, a few cruisers found it was easy to misjudge the width of the docks in the dark.

  3. Sounds like a good time! I <3 Jimmy Buffett! I also love your blog. :) Will definitely come back again!

  4. Hi Karen,
    Glad you dropped in and thanks for posting.


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