The Universe of Peregrine is Heading for Destruction

November 28, 2011
Hi All,
The universe of Peregrine is getting sucked into a black hole and things are falling apart as it disappears. My life in the magical and wonderous rainforest is scheduled to come to an end in about six weeks, my computer is dead, our sweet little geckos have turned cannibalistic, I am stressed about the transit, and my broken tooth started to really bug me so I made a dentist appointment and I'm worried about that. I decided that as long as I was going, Gene was too, so I made a cleaning appointment for him. The good news is that I will not leave Panama without birding the famous Pipeline Road. I figured as long as we had to go to Colon for the Dentist, we could rent a car at Budget in the cruise ship port and I would have a chance to see Pipeline and a few other top birding sites before leaving Panama. Leaving Panama. I am suffering separation anxiety and we haven't left.

My computer is dead because it fell of its cantilevered perch this morning and I can't re-boot it. My intructions tell me I don't need a disk to recover; everything is on the hard-drive. Simply click f11 and things will be fine.  Right.  I pushed f11 and got told to put the disk in to re-boot.  It was cantilevered to try and keep it cool.  It kept overheating and shutting off on me.

I'm using Gene's computer, but it's on one leg.  Gene sneezed right after taking a swig of beer while playing Texas Hold Em and sprayed his key board. The beer shower put the keyboard out of commission so we have another keyboard plugged in.  It's not as confusing to use as I thought it would be, but it messes with my mind and the blog is too big for his screen. I have to shrink it to 75% and when it's shrunken, it is hard to read. Under normal circumstances it really wouldn't be a big deal, just another punch to roll with. It's not as bad as some of the punches we've taken.  It's not a rough ocean crossing or a mozzie virus or threatened amputation or a broken back or broken boom or a Tsunami. It's just a dead computer. So why does the punch feel like a knock down? Because the dead computer isn't the only thing. It's other things, too. Little things; but those little things feel like large beasts circling.  I always get butterflies when it's time to cast off, so some nervousness or anxiety is always there. This time is worse because we've been connected to the dock for two years. This time it's worse because we have a long slog and the wind won't be behind us. This time it's worse because our journey is nearing an end and our life on the floating island will end with it.

I have been wondering what to do about the geckos.  How can I get them off the boat? They need to stay where they belong. This concern has floated in and out of conscious thought for awhile, but it had been buried under other worries until two nights ago when an incident brought it to the forefront again. I was reading and heard strange sounds near the sink.  I got up to look and one gecko had it's mouth over half the head of another. When I got near, they froze; one with his jaws clamped over the whole left side of the other's head. I ordered it to let go and it ignored me.  I reached out and touched the end of the tail of the clamper and it let go.  It ran down the slats of the louvered folding partition between the aft-cabin and galley and hid on the backside. The other seemed to have a tiny bit of skin loose above his eye, but was otherwise fine. What am I going to do with them?  I thought I should make a terrarium of some sort with a small opening and something inticing inside.  I would have to stand guard at night to wait for them to enter and then cover the opening, then take them to shore and turn them loose.  I will have to do this shortly before leaving or they might come back.  On second thought, I should try it asap to see if it will work. I hope it does because I don't have a plan "B".

November 29
We have the dental appointment and get the car tomorrow. We have had three or four people tell us that they really liked Dr. Ida Herrera and were happy with the treatment they received, so everything should be fine, right?

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