New Mini-Mart at Shelter Bay Marina

November 21, 2011
Gene went to do grocery shopping and I am below being lazy. Gene is buying stuff to make dressing for at least ten people.  Chris, the chef at the marina restaurant, is roasting turkeys and the crusiers are bringing the side dishes.  It will be like the real Thanksgiving; a pot luck. We are taking the stuffing and a relish plate. It should be fun.
The new marina mini-market is up and running.  They sell some good Panamanian coffee and we decided we would get some of it when we ran out of the mediocre coffee we have.  One morning when we had only two tablespoons left of the so-so stuff, I asked Gene to get some at the Marina store. The next morning I opened it and found the package was filled with sawdust; it was the display package. Texas boat, Liward, had the same thing happen to them.  Luckily, there were only two display packages hiding in the stock, so no one else should get sawdust. The real stuff is excellent. I threw away the package, so I can't give the name right now, I'll edit this when I get the name. Since I am depriving myself of grog, it is nice to have a really good cuppa. Fresh veggies are available and that is a good thing. The veggies at Rey at Cuatro Altos are usually on the limp side and these are bought at the main market in Colon and the lettuce is crisp.The mini-mart also has ICE-CREAM!
The mini-mart is good, but the new laundry facility isn't; laundry continues to be a head-ache at Shelter Bay. The hours are limited and it's hard to get machines. I preferred doing my laundry at night when the crowd was gone, but the laundry room is locked at night now.

November 24, 2011
I failed to take my camera up, but we had a great turn out for Thanksgiving with all sorts of good dishes. We even had Pumpkin Pie(s). There were probably 80 of us and all the tables were full.  Live music was provided by musical cruisers.

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