Halloween Party at The Dock

Just before I flew home last May for a visit, the restaurant here at the marina was taken over by new management.  A young, (Chris Young, to be exact), chef was hired to run the place. He has really tried to make it a place for the cruisers to hang out.  He has created a good Happy Hour and has occasional specials to liven the place up.  The restaurant even has a name now:  The Dock.  If it had a name before, I never know what it was.  Chris put on a Halloween BBQ party and a good time was had by all. 
Cruising musicians supplied music that ranged from Jimmy Buffet to the Stones and free Rum was distributed by Panamanian rum company (and the rum we buy), Ron Abuelo Anejo and a good time was had by all.

Chris Young at the BBQ
Dock Master and bass guitarist,
Our slip neighbor off the British yatch, Sanjola.
Our Dock's computer wizard, Bret. He is on a Candian vessel with his brother and parents.
Yachty musicians.

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