Grumpy, in Panama

 Hi All,
It's windy and rainy and we are  below and have been all day.  I'm cold because I have the fan on to keep my computer from heating up and cutting off on me.  I have the computer cantilevered off the chart table so the bottom is exposed to the air-conditioned air the fan is moving. It's at a weird angle and typing is a pain. It feels like we are in Alaska.
I've already removed one towel from the baby-stay and put a new dry one up. We have a baby stay rather than forward lower shrouds. The baby-stay is a wire rope and goes down to a hydraulic cylinder in the hull. The rain comes down the baby-stay and soaks our mattresses unless I clothes pin a towel on it to absorb the rain. But, Hey, we can go to weather! I say it that way because nearly all the issues I have with Peregrine stem from the fact that she was built to race, not live on for 12 years.  When we looked for our 'cruising' boat, Gene kept coming back to the type of boat Peregrine is; fast and points to weather.  Not being a sailor, I bowed to his superior knowledge.  Now, I would say go with the fat, comfortable, dry slug. Of course I say that without ever having had to sail in one. Everything is a compromise when deciding on a boat unless you're well heeled enough to be less compromising. 

I've unplugged the fan because my fingers were turning purple.  Hopefully I can finish this and post it before the computer cuts off on me. If I sound crabby it's because I am.  It's now getting dark on top of being cold.  I would love a glass of cabernet, it's the perfect evening for one, but I have cut myself off and my mood is as foul as the weather. Today is day nine of abstinence. It's not too bad when I can get out, but cold, dark and gloomy is not helpful. I guess I should turn off the air-conditioner.  I can't believe I am actually cold! I guess it's gotten cool enough outside to allow the air-conditioner to actually work.  Usually it hums away and always feels like it's ready to lose the battle against the tropical heat.

Okay, enough whinging.  We are going to have a great rainy weather dinner of beef tenderloin and garlic/cheesy mashed potatoes. I'll play a little bridge and start another paper-back novel.
Bye, for now.

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