Marina Caiman/Crocodile

October 15, 2011

Hi All,
Not much to talk about today.  I got out early to bird and Gene wandered about the docks performing his Mayor of D dock duties.
I was trying toget a youtube video posted to help ID a bird when Gene called me on deck.  The marina caiman/crocodile was behind the boat.  It was raining so I couldn't get a good shot of him, but I'll post anyway.  The last time I tried to photgraph him he was too far.  Next time maybe he'll be next to the boat in the sun. I think I'll call him Pickles cause he's all bumpy like the Gumby character. We figure he's about 5 to 6 feet.

Since our life is so boring, there is nothing else to say except we had Chile Verde for dinner and it was great. Oh, after my early morning bird walk I made a nice breakfast of salmon, capers, cream cheese and pumpernickel. 
Gene had his Chile Verde made into burritos and I had mine without tortillas.


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