Gecko Update and Haute Cuisine

October 14, 2011

Hi All,
I wanted to let you know that the Geckos are still here and seem to be happy and healthy.  Blondie has grown and El has a fine thick stump of a tail.  I'm calling him Stumpy now. He allowed me to talk to him for quite some time before running off, so I think he knows that I didn't mean to hurt him and has forgiven me.  Still doesn't trust me, but at least he doesn't run in horror at first sight.

We had nothing but the finest in cuisine today. I didn't need a cookbook, but if I had had my, 'White Trash Cookin' ' book, I might had browsed through it.  Raven's Mom, Alma, gave it to me years ago.  I loved it, but never had an occasion to use it.  Possum washed down with peanuts in RC Cola didn't sound too appetizing.  Spam and corned beef hash were never high on my list either, but that was BC (before circumnavigating).  That was before I became a sailor and adventurer.  Now, spam and eggs with tortillas and habanero salsa is better than the brunches we used to have at Cano's.  I imagine I don't have that book anymore.  It was in the storage units at our place that burned in the 2007 Harris fire.  Everything is on-line for cooking now days anyway.  I'm sure there is a site with Possum Pie and Corn Pone on it.

I had spam and eggs for breakfast and washed them down with a couple of beers to help with the hangover I had.  Gene just ate his Spam in a sandwich. 

Tonight, we just finished sliced hot dogs a la pork and beans.  I did spice things up with sauteed onion and garlic, habanero salsa, dijon mustard and Worchester sauce.

I hope Dan and Yo on Jacana don't read this post.

Love and Happiness You All
the Peregrinators

EDIT:  Just in case Dan and Yo do read this:
I want you guys to know that we aren't totally uncivilized comsumers of Tasty Tinnys.  Gene makes the worlds best pizza and we have that when we're not having Peppered Lomito with garlic parmesean mashed potatoes, or ChileVerde, or Vongole. We don't do a five course Thai meal while being tossed at sea like the crew of Jacana, but we do OK.:) Hope you don't take us off the email list because we endulge in Spam ever now 'en then.

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