It's A Glamorous Life

October 17, 2011
Hi All,
It's nearly noon and it is raining.  Gene took the shuttle into the grocery store today and I am below trying to catch up on my writing and cataloging.  I say trying because I can't concentrate due to the mess Peregrine is in. I guess I put blinders on so I can go birding rather than doing domestic chores, but when I'm locked in, I can't avoid seeing the dirt and disorder and shabbiness.  I need to spend some time cleaning the old girl up, but cleaning will not help the shabbiness. Things need to be  replaced and repaired. This isn't the best place to get things done due to remoteness and anyway,  we're almost home. Even then things might not get done because I won't be aboard much and Gene doesn't care about esthetics.
I stare at the seetee cushion that Gene sits on while he plays computer cards. The cushion is crushed and the melo-hyde is cracked. A lot of Texas Hold'Em has been played. I will have to tuck a sheet around it when our canal transist crew comes in. The counter-top laminate is lifting, the hardware is oxidized, the interior wood looks dry.  We could give the interior wood a good scrubbing and rub it down with teak oil, but ventilation would be a problem in the rainy season.
As I write, I pop up and do the dishes or clean the stovetop or toothbrush around the sink/counter edge, trying to give an air of respectibility to the place. As I was doing the dishes, it occured to me that I should post a few photos and explanations about life aboard.  So many people think we live a glamorous life. We are lucky we have seen what we've seen and as we get to the end of the circle, I find myself thinking back about some really great experiences. It's been magical and I wouldn't trade it for comfort.  However, we are not a cruise ship and sailing around the world is hard, unglamorous work. 
The kitchen sinks. I got these from Gene for my birthday a few years ago because our first tubs got cracked and the handles broke off. I don't like these as much because they don't fit behind the companionway steps as well as the old, but they do the trick. We don't have hot water on the boat, so we have to boil water for dishes.  As long as we didn't use the faucets for hot water we went with tubs because they are shaped better and easier to use for washing and rinsing than the sinks on the boat. Yes, one half of the table is hanging and it is not level. The table was horribly designed and placed to begin with and being broken only adds to the charm.
The coffee machine.  Unless we are at a marina and plugged into electricity, we can't use electric appliances. (We use the computers by connecting them to power with a cord that plugs into a car cigarette lighter type  recepticle.) Do cars still come with cigarette lighters?  We boil water and pour into the Melita funnel that goes into a thermos to keep the coffee warm through breakfast. Gene had to cut a notch in the funnel so it would fit on the thermos.  I have been looking for another funnel like this for years, but apparently, they are not made anymore.  Why would anyone use that when they've got Mr. Coffee?
The ice machine. The ice cube trays fit vertically in our spacious freezer.  They came with plastic cube dividers, but they were impossible to use and wouldn't separate from the cubes. We just fill the tray with water, remove the single giant ice rectangle, put it in a plastic grocery bag and take an ice pick to it. Easy, and so glamorous!
I suppose I should email my cousin and make sure she sees this post. She may change her mind about wanting to go through the canal via Peregrine. 

Gene came back from grocery shopping with three very heavy Vreugenhil shopping bags (large things), and a full backpack.  As he was bringing two of the bags aboard, he lost his balance and fell into the cockpit.  Nothing broken, but he will have some soreness and bruising.  He peeled off some skin near his shoulder and I have betadined it. He is mad that four eggs broke.  Shopping is a 1 1/2 hour round trip just for the drive and the shuttle leaves you at the shopping center for 2 hours(?) so shopping by shuttle is an event that takes nearly four hours and to break the eggs after that has pissed him off a bit. Glamour never ends on Peregrine.

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