Back in San Lorenzo

It's been difficult to get this post done. We had a ferocious lightening and thunder storm last night and the power went out. The thunder was so loud Peregrine vibrated when it boomed and rolled overhead. I was writing when the power went out and I was unable to finish. Now, this morning, I am having problems adding images; blogger must be having issues. I've decided to post without photos so you all know what's up. I'm frustrated at this point and am going birding.

October 2, 2011
We are back aboard Peregrine after a four month visit home. The trip back was so easy it was downright painless. We arrived at 5:00 p.m. and spent the night at the Hotel Milan in Panama City. There is a fairly nice steak house across the street, so we walked over and had dinner. The hotel was recommended by some fellow cruisers and we stayed there on the way out of Panama. It's cheap and clean so we came back. It was still cheap and clean, but they had put some moths balls in the room to keep out something. Bedbugs?? They were overpowering (the balls, not the bedbugs) and I was getting fumigated. I looked in the closet and all the drawers but couldn't find them. I finally got dressed and went down to the office to ask that the stuff be removed. The bellboy came in, lifted out the bottom drawer of the dresser and scooped out a handfull of poisonous balls. The smell lingered and my tongue was still numb, so I turned off the air-conditioner and opened the windows. Panama poured into the room and enveloped me like a warm, wet towel.

Next morning we took a taxi to the Allbrook Mall/bus depot and were on an express bus to Colon in less than 15 minutes. We didn't go all the way in to Colon which is a dangerous place; we got off at Cuatros Altos shopping center. Cuatros Altos is where we grocery shop. The marina has a shuttle that drops us off there and picks us up a few hours later. As luck would have it, we had time to get some things and take the shuttle back which saved us a $20.00 taxi ride.

When we arrived at the Gatun Locks, we had to wait for a freighter to go through. While we waited, lifer # 897, a Fork-tailed Flycatcher, flew over the van and landed on the grassy slope on the side of the canal. What a beautiful bird! Too bad it was at a distance and I had to photograph it through the bus windows, I would have liked a good shot of this bird.

Peregrine was in pretty good shape on the inside this time and we didn't have to do much to have a good night's sleep. Gene has worked hard the last few days cleaning the decks and hull as Peregrine was a bit green on the outside.

The next morning, Friday the 30th, Gene took the shuttle in to get a few more groceries and I went birding. In fact, I went twice that day, once in the morning and again after lunch. The birding and communing with the rainforest was fabuous and I picked up Lifer #898, a Giant Cowbird. I realized in short order that I had Left My Heart In San Lorenzo.

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