The Twitching Sailor's Birds Are Migrating

What a handsome fellow.
 October 10, 2011
 Hi All,
It’s hard to believe we’ve been back in Panama for almost two weeks. Time really does fly when you are a birder living in a rainforest during fall migration. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this place?

I have been very busy birding and am usually out for about five hours a day. I come back and research the stuff I’ve seen (which takes forever with my abysmal internet connection-very frustrating). When time to write about it rolls around at 2:00 a.m., I’m too tired! I have seen so much in the last few weeks that I don’t know where to begin: the nesting Brown-capped Tyrannulets? The strange behaviour of the young Black Vulture? The predation of the white flies on the underside of Papaya leaves by a small flock of Tennessee Warblers?

I need to cut the big picture into smaller pieces and write more specifically. I want to write more seriously about what I see and learn and I know it will bore you all to tears. Even though my modus operadi is to simply  post pictures of  birds with brief descriptions, some of you mention how ‘birdy’ the blog is. However, most of my visitors are birders and I should be giving them the kind of information I would like to find when I get on the net to learn. I have to go with my passion so I am starting a new blog: Birding Aboard Peregrine. I will leave The Twitching Sailor for family and friends as it was originally intended, but I will post all bird and most nature related stuff on the new blog. Don’t expect a whole lot on The Twitching Sailor, because if it doesn’t have feathers or live in the wild, it doesn’t interest me all that much.

Here is a link to the new blog:

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