OK, I'm Besotted

September 15, 2011
click photo to enlarge
Hi All,
As a few of you have noticed, I haven't been very active with the blog since arriving in California. I've even gotten comments from people other than my Dad and Gene about the lack of activity. I loved this one from an email I got from Dan and Yo on Jacana:
"noticed you are so besotted on the new lil uns that the blog has been shoved into the back closet,Sue."
I love that word; besotted. OK, so I am a bit, but my new grandaughter is cuter than a Blue-footed Booby Baby. Yeah, I'm besotted:
And the pictures don't convey the soft snuggles and snorts.


  1. She's beautiful!! What great pictures your new camera takes! Did you photoshop the pics? Her skin is so clear..my little china doll :)

  2. Hi Bons,
    No photoshop, but the new camera has a skin softening feature. I experimented. Some photos had the feature on, others didn't. Yes, she's beautiful. Gonna miss her. She'll be so big when we come back.


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