Budding Birder

September 14, 2011

Walking on a fallen log while out birding with Grandma.
click photos to enlargeWhile I was at my daughter's, I took my grandson to the neighborhood park a few times to walk and look for birds and bugs. It's a good park with natural areas and a seasonal creek. I pointed out pollywogs and dragonflies and, of course, birds. On one outing, I caught a pollywog in a glass so he could see it up close. It was just developing legs.

Looking for a lizard.

"Where'd he go?"My grandson just turned three in June, but it seems the outings with 'neema' have had an impact. My daughter took him to get his hair trimmed and the cosmotologist kept up a banter to keep him from squirming too much. She mentioned Halloween coming and asked if asked him if he liked Halloween and what was he going to be. He said, "A birder." The woman looked at my daughter, "Did he say birder?"

A Western Tiger Swallowtail is beautiful enough to make an impression on a mind of any age.
Bonnie says yes as she's thinking, "A birder?"
"What's a birder?", the hairdresser asked.
"Neema", he says.
Bonnie cracked up. She couldn't believe he had picked up on the term 'birder'.

Another time, they were driving home from somewhere and they passed the street where the park is. Bonnie said he was blabbing away in his car seat in the back. At first she didn't understand what he was going on about. She focused in and he was saying,"Dragonfly, pollywogs, butterflies, birdies, gopher, neema."

We go back to Panama and Peregrine at the end of the month for what I hope will be the final leg of our circumnavigation. I'm going to miss my little birder.

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