The New Granddaughter Arrives

Kennedy Jean photo by Matt M.

Welcome to the world. Photo by Matt M.

First cuddle. Photo by Matt M.

photo by Matt M.
After two false starts and a week of nail biting because we were sure she would demand to be born before the scheduled cesarean, the suspense finally ended with Kennedy Jean being born on the scheduled date; July 1, 2011. It was a good thing she wasn't born early because she only weighed 6lbs 4oz. She was 18.5 inches long.
A week later, Mommy and baby are doing very well, Daddy is getting some sleep and big brother is adjusting. Grandma (neema) most likely won't be needed for the projected six weeks recovery time. I think things will be back to 'normal' in no time. Matt has family medical leave and will be off for Bonnie's recovery time.

Still wish they'd named her Alice. photo by Matt M.

Serious Daddy

Big brother is doing pretty well with the invasion.
photo by Matt M.

Love at first sight. photo by Matt M.


  1. What a gorgeous child. Congratulations Matt and Bonnie.

  2. Sue-
    Thank God you kept your blog! It might have been weeks before we found out about the newest member of the family!
    Congratulations, Matt, Bonnie and Gavin!
    Jim, Therese, Miles and Brooke


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