Hasta Luego Rainforest, Hello Coastal Scrub

One of the cruising couples here bought property and built a house by Lake Gatun. They invited us out for birding and lunch. Not a bad view, eh?

May 6, 2011
In a matter of days I will be home. I am looking forward to being with family and seeing my place, but I am suffering from a little anxiety. Last night as Peregrine gently rocked me to sleep, I reflected on how peaceful and simple and quiet our life is here and the worry of sensory overload came upon me like a squall in the dark. The real world can be a bit overwhelming. It’s so fast, so busy, so complicated--so noisy! I reassured myself that this visit will be nothing like the last. The last trip home was especially stressful because we had seemingly insurmountable obstacles to overcome to get our place put back together after the wildfires of 2007. Thank God the really tough problems are behind us now. Thank God I have Gene or the problems would still be there. I would not have been able to deal with the county or our nasty neighbors. I find that after floating around on the Island of Peregrine for over ten years, I have become ill equipped to deal with people and situations that others would probably think nothing of.
There are still a few tedious, costly and time consuming chores waiting, but the legal issues and problems of access have been addressed. This visit, I can spend some time relaxing and enjoying family and friends and the beauty of our little spot, Tar and Feathers (I have been calling our place that for years--Tar for Gene and Feathers for me, but the place has given me so much grief that I am considering calling it, The Cursed Plot.) My dream for the next phase of my life is to make our 32 acre property even more of a santuary for the native flora and fauna than it already is. I want to provide more food, water and shelter for the year-round birds (and other animals) and those that migrate. I plan on planting lots more natives and offering nesting sites.
The last time we were home, we decided since we were so close, it would be a good idea to divide the year between life on Peregrine (where ever she was) and life in Southern California. The main event this visit is a joyful one. Bonnie is going to deliver our new granddaughter and I want to be there to help her recover and mess about with Alice (fat chance of her being named that, but I can call her that for now).
We will divide our time between my parent's house, Bon's house and our place. It's ideal for me--my parents are down the road from good birding at Bolsa Chica, Bons and Matt are in Murrieta and Lake Skinner is always good as is the drive over Ortega Hwy to get to her house. Mike, Rhiannon and the grandkids are living at our place so I will be able to go and hang out at my 'sanctuary' where the birding is spectacular.
Here are some photos of our Panamanian 'home' and our California home.

Three-toed sloth.

Barn Owl at our place.

Slider in the little river that runs out at Playa Diablo.

Gopher Snake at home.

Purple Gallinule

California Quail

Immature Yellow-headed Caracara

California buckwheat

Green Kingfisher in the little river to Playa Diablo.

Creek at home.

Crimson-backed Tanager

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