Lazy Day

April 8, 2011
Happy Birthday, Mom!
We’re snuggled below today while the rain, lightning and thunder carry on above decks. I heard the whining of the Kiskadees and looked out. The crane putting in the new dock posts is right behind us and close to the nest. I’m sure the noise and action is stressful for the birds. The rain isn’t doing them much good either and the nest seems to be sagging. I just noticed that they have a few short pieces of polypropylene lines as nesting material. I sure hope they are able to successfully hatch and fledge their brood.

Last night we went up for a “Laura Loves Ribs” dinner at the restaurant. Ribs are a favorite of Laura Dekker who is here in the marina, so the restaurant had a special dinner. Laura is a 15 year old Dutch sailor making a solo circumnavigation. We gave her “Fair Winds” and good luck wishes.
I should work on my Boquete blog, but I’m lazy and may spend the day reading a novel.
They just started pounding in one of the metal pilings--my ears are ringing!

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